The Intermediate Course

An intense two-day course, designed to allow art directors, artists, designers, printmakers & students to work closely with wood letter & metal type, letterpress materials & printing equipment.

The Intermediate Course

is for those who have some design, typography & letterpress experience. It is also designed to be undertaken after The Beginners Course.

The Intermediate Course

offers its participants a unique opportunity to develop finer skills & a more thorough understanding of typography & design through the extended use of the traditional materials & processes used in letterpress.

The workshop is typographically driven ā€” you will be introduced to the fundamental procedures of metal type setting & wood letter composition & through a simple but expressive project: begin to explore the possibilities of letterpress techniques & visual ideas. Each workshop will produce a bespoke two-colour limited edition print of the work undertaken.

Workshop Programme
Day One
10:00 ā€“ 17:00
1. Workshop introduction
2. Workshop tour

3. Measurement systems
4. Methods & organisation of work
5. Workshop practice: wood letter & metal type
6. Creative typographic exercise
7. Designing with letterpress
8. Two-day project brief
Day Two
10:00 ā€“ 17:00
1. Research & design application
2. Mixing Inks & Colour Theory
3. Understanding Printmaking papers
4. Design, setting & printing the project
5. Final discussion & feedback:
(with visiting consultant)

Workshop Curriculum
A majority of the curriculum will be covered in
The Intermediate course
Methods & Organisation of work
workshop limitations
workshop organisation & rules
Basic elements & tools
in hand setting practice
printing types
word spacing material
composing sticks
Measurement systems
the point system
standard line
Workshop work
type cases
the lay of the double case
methods of setting
Method of proofing
building the forme
using the proofing press
cleaning materials
correction signs
correction to the metal
Printing presses
lever joint presses
platen presses: clamshell & parallel
cylinder presses
raw materials
standard & non-standard sizes
trimmed / untrimmed
paper weight (gsm)
the Pantone system
mixing ink
colour theory
key texts

The Schedule 2018

Friday 29 & Saturday 30 June
The Intermediate Course 2018.6
Friday 20 & Saturday 21 July
The Intermediate Course 2018.7
Friday 24 & Saturday 25 August
The Intermediate CourseĀ 2018.8
Friday 28 & Saturday 29 September
The Intermediate CourseĀ 2018.9
Friday 26 & Saturday 27 October
The Intermediate CourseĀ 2018.10
Friday 23 & Saturday 24 November
The Intermediate CourseĀ 2018.11

The Schedule 2019

Friday 22 & Saturday 23 February
The Intermediate Course 2019.2
Friday 22 & Saturday 23 March
The Intermediate Course 2019.3
Friday 26 & Saturday 27 April
The Intermediate Course 2019.4
Friday 24 & Saturday 25 May
The Intermediate Course 2019.5
Friday 28 & Saturday 29Ā June
The Intermediate Course 2019.6

The two-day workshop is Ā£380 per person. There are a maximum of 6 places in each workshop. This keeps the classes focused & intimate.
Full payment will secure a place. Please Pay hereĀ (& select the date you wish to attend). Purchase Orders can be raised & a receipt will be issued on payment. For any questions & payment details, emailĀ
Cancellations must be 5 days before the beginning of the workshop otherwise a heavy penalty of 50% will be retained! This might sound a little brutal & we understand that things can often change but last minute cancellations can effect the other students & the dynamic of the classes.