Design Key Texts

Otl Aicher (with Josef Rommen),
Ernst & Sohn
Berlin 1989

Herbert Bayer,
with Walter Gropius And Ise Gropius (Editors)
Bauhaus 1919–1928
Published by Museum of Modern Art 1975

Derek Birdsall,
Notes on Book Design
Yale University Press 2004.

Geoffrey Dowding,
Finer Points
in the Spacing and Arrangement of Type
Wacom & Company Ltd 1954

Eric Gill,
An Essay on Typography
Hague & Gill Ltd.
first edition 1931

Jost Hochuli,
Detail in Typography
Hyphen Press 2008

Armin Hofmann,
His work, Quest and Philosophy
Basel 1989

Robin Kinross,
Modern Typography:
an Essay in Critical History
Hyphen Press
London 1992

Jens Muller (Editor),
A5/06: HfG Ulm:
Concise Hisotry of the Ulm School of Design
February 27 2014

Josef Müller-Brockmann,
Graphic Artist and his Design Problems
Niggli AG
Switzerland 1983

Josef Müller-Brockmann,
Pioneer of Swiss Graphic Design
Lars MĂĽller
Baden 1995

Emil Ruder,
Niggli AG
Switzerland 1967

Herbert Spencer,
Pioneers of Modern Typography
Lund Humphries 1969

Jan Tschichold,
The New Typography:
A Handbook For Modern Designers
Translated by Ruari McLean
University of California Press
London 1995

John L Walters,
Alan Kitching: a Life in Letterpress
Laurence King  2017

Printing Key Texts

The Chicago Manual of Style
the University of Chicago Press 1906

William Atkins,
The Art and practice of printing:
A work in six volumes
Pitman and Sons Ltd 1932

Alan Bartram, James Sutton
An Atlas of Typeforms
Lund Humphries 1968

Frederick Howard Collin,
Authors’ and Printers’ Dictionary
first edition 1905

Anthony Froshaug,
Typographic Norms
Kynoch Press 1964

Horace Hart,
Hart’s Rules

for Compositors and Readers
at the University Press, Oxford

Alan Kitching,
Typography manual
Watford 1970

Daniel Berkeley Updike,
Printing Types,
Their History, Forms, and Use:
A Study in Survivals
Belknap Press 1966