Broadside 14 / Some Rules & Hints for Students & Teachers . . .


Broadside 14 / Some Rules & Hints for Students & Teachers . . . or Anybody else
By way of a manifesto –
hand-set & printed on a 145gsm Heritage paper
841 x 594mm (A1)
in 3 colours
in a limited edition of 30
October 2018
Signed by Alan Kitching & Kelvyn Smith
Edition Numbers can be requested (if available)

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James Isaacs & Christopher Ribet were our first Summer School students / Both accomplished designers in their own right they were joined by consultant Jim Sutherland for the duration / We set-about designing what was to become ‘Broadside 14 / as a response to Jim & Kelvyn discussing manifestos & seeing the original by John Cage / After investigation it was discovered that Cage was influenced directly by the artist & educator Sister Corita Kent who had conceived the ‘manifesto’ as a college project in LA in 1967–68. The A1 Broadside was designed set & printed across five days in a very limited edition of 30 on a 145gsm Heritage paper & printed in three colours / a very Dark Grey (a Silver & Black mix) / Silver (PMS 877) & a fluorescent Orange & (both straight from the tin).