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        Company News

        Precision Plastic Branch held activities to mobilize the mass line Date:2014-05-21    View:
        Accordance with the "sailing shares company party on the party's mass line depth educational practice plan" notification requirements, precision plastic branch repeatedly linked with the steering group discussions to determine the masses to carry out the implementation of activities planned route and posted on the company's public spaces the tagline. August 30 morning, Precision Plastic branch organization team members, all the members and staff representatives held a mobilization meeting and invited members to participate in the Steering Group. YANG red branch secretary at the meeting made a mobilization speech, Yang Shuji for Discipline Inspection, Precision Plastic Branch line of educational practice to carry out mass mobilization readiness affirmed, and put forward specific requirements. Participants on leadership and democratic evaluation team members did vote. After the meeting, the Steering Group members were talking with some of the participants to communicate knowledge of the leadership team members in the "four winds" aspects of the problems and development of the company employees made constructive comments and suggestions.