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        Company News

        Precision Plastic Branch implementation of the primary contact card system Date:2014-05-21    View:
        To improve the execution to ensure the implementation of the work, to better serve the workers, improve staff satisfaction, the company decided to implement grassroots contact card system. Specific requirements are as follows:
                1, the primary contact card is a way of company leadership and grass-roots workers communicate with each other.
                2, is in close contact with the grassroots workers, to keep abreast of production grassroots workers, job site and daily living conditions, company leaders must ensure that every production line depth not less than three times.
                3, for the leadership of the company in-depth questions found in the production line (including the impact of product quality, labor efficiency, labor intensity, etc.) as well as the reaction of the hot issues front-line workers to fill the grassroots contact card post office by the leadership to determine the responsibility of units and completion dates, ledger by the office responsible for establishing unified management.