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        We offer a variety of ways so that you can easily get in touch with us at any time: You can Online Consultation,Demand form submission,Send e-mail,Call Etc. made ??to communicate with us!  Hotline: 0312-8960028。

        Online submission requirements feedback

        You can fill out the form below to send your contact information and product demand submitted to us, we will contact you as soon as possible, thank you! In order to be able to promptly contact you, please be sure to fill in your full contact details and demand information.

        Contact Us

        FengFan Co.,LTD Precising Plastic Products Branch Company

        Add: No.456, Fengfan Road New & High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Baoding, Hebei, China

        Zip Code: 071051

        Phone No: 86-312 – 8960028 8960027 13313229218

        E-mail: bdffzjb@163.com

        Website: http://www.newtypographyworkshop.com

        Micro-channel: bdffzjb 

        Enterprise QQ:

        Scan two-dimensional code, concern Sailing tray

        Company location