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        • Teamwork

          Harmonious one,drive for excellen

        • Marketing Culture

          Discovery demands, leading the demand to meet the needs

        • Core Values

          Brand first, the customer first, staff-oriented, scientific development

        • The spirit of enterprise

          Vertical industry towards head contention pioneer in environmental protection

        • Our Entrepreneurship

          Service users, benefiting employees, returns to shareholders and contributing to society

        • Strategic objectives

          Creating Chinese strongest largest group of world-class ship

        • Marketing concept

          Build quality, strong primary industry

        • Traditional enterprise

          Forge ahead in unity, innovation

        • Corporate style

          Explosive, limitless energy

        • Strategic development of cultural

          Do the fine, bigger and stronger

        • R & D culture

          Create demand, one step ahead

        • Quality Culture

          Product is the character, quality is job

        • Human Resources Culture

          Their talent meritocracy

        • Safety Culture

          Prevention, precautionary

        • Culture of integrity

          Cheng is forearmed, the letter is long, integrity and win-win

        • Brand Culture

          Build international battery industry brands

        • Culture of innovation

          People-oriented , integrity and win-win

        • Clean culture

          Honesty integrity, dedication and Societe Generale

        • Cost of Culture

          Pragmatic conservation, science down the

        • Decision-making Culture

          World vision, strategic thinking, the overall situation, scientific decision-making

        • Management Culture

          The overall situation, curried, bravely assumed responsibility, diligence and efficient

        • Operating Layer Culture

          Compliance, quality assurance, Thrift, continue to improve