Attention to detail

Details for your time at
The New Typography Workshop

1. You will be standing all day – so please wear comfortable shoes; no flip flops or sandals please! – the equipment is heavy and if you drop anything on your toes it will hurt.
2. Do not wear your best clothes – you will certainly get dirty and inky, if you have an apron please bring it with you – those of you with long hair, please make sure it is tied back!
3. There is still-water, teas & coffee but you will need to keep hydrated all day – so be prepared.
4. Please bring a note or sketch book and a camera if you wish, photography & documenting your work is encouraged.
5. The workshop is completely β€˜off-line’ there is no landline or internet available – you will have enough to do without the lure & distraction of new technology – mobile phone reception is poor in the workshop, so calls are usually taken outside in the yard.
6. If you have any wood or metal type of your own please bring it with you – we may have the opportunity of proofing it during the class.
7. If you have any type or depth scales then they may also come in handy.
8. All works & outcomes are the copyright of The New Typography Workshop. Β©
9. & finally – please bring an open mind!
We look forward to seeing you all!